Introducing Nutritional Edge RX Nutrition and Weight Loss Programs

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DO YOU WANT TO LOOK AS GOOD ON THE INSIDE AS YOU DO ON THE OUTSIDE? Introducing Nutritional Edge Rx- Created by Dr. Scott Gerrish and Bellini's Nutrition Team to deliver an all-natural, medically directed weight loss and healthy living program. What’s Your Focus? Nutritional Edge Rx Targets Your Healthy Living Goals. Weight Loss Anti-Aging [...]

Leonor Greyl Now Available Exclusive at Bellini

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Behind the success of the LEONOR GREYL brand, there are all the ingredients of success: the expertise of more than 40 years in hair care treatment using only natural products, the passion of healthy and glamorous hair and the most important: the love of her profession. LEONOR GREYL is a brand, a range of hair care products, an [...]

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